Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oiled Up

Since my pregnancy, I have been interested in less "toxic" and more environmentally conscious beauty products. I even tried the no "poo" baking soda/ACV rinse regime. If you are interested, instructions can be found here. I have also tried a variety of paraben-free moisturizers, such as this and this and this. However, my most favorite, least expensive, and most readily available moisturizer is olive oil. Yes, just plain olive oil - either extra virgin or mild - whatever I may have in the cupboard. After a shower, I rub a little olive oil into my skin or mix it with my body lotion (which makes any lotion sooooo much better, I promise). I also use olive oil on my face - yes, oil on my face, the horror! Actually, it's lovely. I have little blue bottle with a dropper that I picked up at Whole Foods, where I store a little oily potion that I concocted using this book. Incidentally, I've been meaning to pick up more of those little bottles. They are so fun for storing potions and the like, and I feel like a scientist or a little witch when I use them. There are a variety of other carrier oils (apricot, jojoba, etc.) that you can use instead of olive oil, if your prefer, to combine with essential oils that are suited for your skin type. My potion consists of olive oil (mild, I believe), a few drops of lavender oil and a few drops of peppermint. I use it every evening before going to bed, and I wake up with wonderfully soft skin.

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