Monday, March 17, 2008

My Princess had a first birthday!

Ophelia Magdalene, the Princess of Poo, is turning one on March 25th. But with Easter on the 23rd, we decided to throw her a party this past weekend. And what better to celebrate our little 'Phelia than to throw her a very regal, very royal themed party. As an aside, I adore theme adore them. Any opportunity to don a costume and I am so there. So Mr. Saucy and I got ourselves gussied up (as the King and Queen, of course) to attend this gala event. Here are a few pictures:

Princess Ophelia and her charming brother Prince Romeo: (both outfits were made by Queen Saucy, using my own patterns)

The "set" - "Ophelia's Castle," Welcome ye royal subjects:

Ophelia's castle is interactive: you can climb inside.....

And stick your head out the other side!

And, of course, we had a castle cake:

I used a nordicware bundt pan that purchased at Williams-Sonoma two years ago. I'm not thrilled with the results. Despite overly zealous buttering and flouring, the darn thing still stuck. It's also very, very difficult to clean. I will try a spray next time.

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French Meringue said...

The castle and costumes are amazing...very talented!!!